Let’s Cook the Most Delicious Red Snapper Fish

Do you like to eat fish? It must be a good habit. All fishes are good for your health since it becomes the best source for your nutrient supply. Especially red snapper fish, it contains of rich Omega-3 which is good for your health. To get the best fish, you need to buy it directly from the red snapper fish supplier. However, some places or market are also the best one to get this kind of fish. Wherever you want to buy the fish, you have to make sure that you get the fresh one.

How to Choose the Best Red Snapper Fish from Supplier

So, how do we choose the best quality red snapper fish from red snapper fish supplier? There are only two points that must be remembered. You need to:

  • Buy the Red Snapper Fish from Recommended Supplier

It will waste your energy if you get the red snapper fish from the wrong place. In that way, you need to find the most recommended supplier to buy. You can check on online recommendation then find the best one. You can find the recommendation with buyer’s testimonial so that you can check it by yourself whether that supplier is good or not.

  • Check Red Snapper Fish Condition

Besides supplier, you also need to the check on the fish condition. Although you buy it from the recommended high quality supplier, you still need to check on its condition. What is the indication that Red Snapper Fish fresh? You can start to check on the outside part. Typically, the Red Snapper Fish ha metallic, pink or bright red color skin. Moreover, it can be around 4 to 6 pound. However, if you want to buy the fillet one so it can be only half of them which is 1 ½ to 3 pounds.  After that, you can check on its eyes. If it has clear and bright eyes, so it must be the fresh one.

What is the smell of Red Snapper Fish? You will find that fish smells smelly. In fact, you need to find the fish which smells like the ocean. You can feel how the ocean is. If you find the Red Snapper Fish smells fishy, so you have to avoid it since it indicates that fish is not the fresh one. It can be the fish that has been there for a week.

Don’t forget to get the affordable price which always does not mean to be the cheapest. You cannot choose the fish based on its price. When there are cheap fish with more discount, so you have to be more skeptical. Since it can be the old stockfish.

How to Cook the Red Snapper Fish in Easy Way

If you already got the best quality and fresh red snapper fish, so it is time to cook it. You cannot let the fish stay for a longer time inside to your fridge. It is so highly recommended to cook the red snapper fish directly after you got it from market or supplier. Another reason is fish cannot stay for a longer time since it will get fishy easily. That is why it is important to get the fresh red snapper fish right after buying from red snapper fish supplier.

So, how is the way to cook the red snapper fish in an easy way? For the best recommendation, you can get baked red snapper with herbs and garlic. It is kind of combination of garlic, bread crumbs which have been seasoned, butter and also parmesan cheese. For the first way, heat the oven at 400 F then just place the red snapper fish on a baking dish. Don’t forget to spray the dish with butter-flavored cooking spray which will not let the dish sticky.

On the other skillet, you can saute the garlic with melt butter. Then, mix it with pepper, parsley Creole seasoning, sauce, and also chives. Don’t overcook it, just let it for 2 minutes to cook. After that, you can brush both side of fish with the herbs and butter mixture. On the other side, you can toss the bread crumbs with parmesan cheese and butter with sprinkling some salts. When the fish is done in the oven, then it is ready to serve.

For the additional tips, you can use a fork if you cannot check the fish. Just insert the fork into the fillet to check its doneness. Then, you can also put some additional ingredients as you want. Is it easy, isn’t it? After getting the best fish from the red snapper fish supplier, you need to check its rich taste directly right after. If you cannot find the fish fillet, so you can try to take the bones out. Just make it boneless to make it easier to cook and mix with bread.

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The Most Recommended Way to Get Fresh Fish

Fish is the most recommended food for health. It contains of full nutrients which also becomes the source of protein. Moreover, there are also more than a hundred types of fish which are the best menu for each time to eat. You can also try to cook the fish in many ways. Just grill it with the delicious seasoning, fry it to be crispy fish and many more. However, some of the people still have not got their way to cook the fresh fish well. In the end, they get the taste but lost the protein. Reflect to this situation, you need to know how exactly cook the fresh fish in the proper way.

4 Things You Need to Know to Cook Fresh Fish Well

One of the reasons why people like to eat fish is it is easy to cook. However, you cannot only get its taste but also its nutrient. You can damage its nutrient by cooking in a wrong way. There are so many people are still on wrong ideas for cooking the fresh fish. In the end, they did not get it fresh. To keep its nutrient, there are some things that should be known. Here the x tips to cook and serve fresh fish:

  • Check on the Quality of Fish

For the first thing, you should check the freshness of fish is its quality. When buying the fish, you need to check the condition properly. The fresh fish is a fish which has clear eyes, bright red gills, and shiny scales. On the other hand, you can also check on its smell if you buy the fillet one. Fresh fish must be having oceany smell rather than fishy. You should avoid the fish which has a fishy smell since it is not the fresh one.

Then, you can also check on its looks. Sometimes there are so many fresh fish which is wrong-handling. As a result, the fish turned out to be fishy fish. Then, you need to highlight it. Good handling fish is which there no damage to the flesh is. Moreover, you need to make sure that there is no obvious bite damage in some parts. Then, the fresh good fish is which having skin and flesh in good condition.  If you buy the packed fish, so you need to make sure that it is sealed well which will avoid the contaminations.

  • Place It in Correct Storage

Sometimes people like to forget where they have to and have been storing the fresh fish. It is easy to get fishy. That is why you cannot store the fresh fish for a longer time. You can only take 2 to 3 days only to store it after buying. For the best recommendation, buy and eat on the same day. It means that you need to cook and eat the fresh fish on the same day as you bought it from the market. In that way, the fish is still fresh.

If you bought the frozen or sealed fish, so you need to store it in the coldest part of your fridge. You can also freeze it by yourself by removing the bones first. Let it dry for several times and store it in the fridge. Then, you can remove the cover as you want to cook it.

  • Put the Bones Away

To get the best taste, you need to cook it well. To cook it well, you need to remover the bones. Some kind of fishes has more bones which make you found difficulty when trying to eat it. For the best solution, you need to remove the bones first. Use the fish tweezers or cut it carefully to strip the bones out.

  • Get the Right Pan

Tools make everything looks perfect.  You need to choose the right pan. Moreover, you have to make sure that you will always preheat the pan before using it. For cooking, you can get oil or butter. Both of them are still perfect to use. Some people are also trying to combine both of them. It has a strong reason why you are allowed to use both, oil and butter for cooking at the same time. The butter will give more flavor while the oil will prevent it will be burnt.

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Try 2 Best Menu for Broiled Red Snapper!

Do you like to eat seafood? You have to try to add red snapper as your menu today. For you who had never try this kind of fish before, you have to try it now. It has a firm and lean texture which makes it has a fresh, sweet, and moist taste. Moreover, the red snapper is good for the diet. It can be the best source of your protein intake like potassium, Omega 3, selenium and vitamin A. So, how to cook this red snapper to turn it as a more special menu for dinner or lunch? Here are two menus of red snapper for your cooking reference.

The Enchanting Broiled Red Snapper with Lime Butter and Ginger

To get its nutrient fully, you need to cook the red snapper in a good way. You need to boil it. Besides good for your health, it is the best way to get the real taste of red snapper. One of the best recommendation menus is broiling red snapper with lime butter and ginger as seasoning. So, are you ready? There are three steps to cook fish. Preparing the ingredients, cooking the red snapper and then serving it as the delicious menu.

For the first, you need to prepare some ingredients needed. For the main ingredients, you need seeded jalapeno pepper, fresh cilantro, lime rind, butter, fresh ground ginger, salt, and black pepper. You need to mince the seeded jalapeno pepper, chop the fresh cilantro well and also soften the butter. For the best recommendation, you can take cooking spray. Then, you can also add lime wedges if you feel to need it.

After all the ingredients are ready, it is time to cook the most enchanting red snapper menu. To make it easier, here are some steps to cook the broiled red snapper with lime butter-ginger:

  • Prepare the seasoning

For the first step to do is making the seasoning. You just simply need to combine 5 kinds of ingredients. Combine the lime rind, the chopped jalapeno pepper, minced cilantro, softened butter and black pepper into a bowl. Then, add about ¼ teaspoon of salt then stir it well. Just cover it and let it chill.

Broil the Red Snapper

If the seasoning is ready, then it is time to cook the most delicious red snapper. For the first step, you should heat the nonstick skillet in medium to high hat. Meanwhile, you can sprinkle black pepper salt on both sides of the red snapper. Then, spray the cooking spray on the pan then add the fish. For the best taste, you need to cook this fish for 3 minutes for each side. On the other hand, you can try to use a fork to test whether it has cooked well or yet.

  • Serve it

After 3 minutes, you can do plating. Just serve the broiled red snapper on a plate and then serve it with seasoning before which is around 1 ½ teaspoons for each serving. If you like it, so you can add the lime wedges beside. Then, it’s ready to eat!

Broiled Red Snapper with the Tasteful Cajun Seasonings

There is also another most delicious menu for red snapper. For this time, you can use the Cajun seasonings. It is also so easy to make it. As usual, you need to prepare some ingredients first like black pepper, salt, and Cajun seasoning. With these three main ingredients, the red snapper will turn into the most delicious food. For this menu, you need red snapper fillet. Just take 12 to 24 ounces of red snapper.

After that, just preheat the broiler and brush it with olive cooking spray or cooking oil. To get the taste, sprinkle the salt and the black pepper on each side of the red snapper. Then, place the red snapper with skin on the side down on the broiler. On the top, you can put seasoning of salt, black pepper, and Cajun seasonings well. Don’t forget to drizzle it with olive oil again. It only takes around 10 minutes to cook both sides. Then, add the creamy shrimp sauce, fruity salsa or cream pasta on the top. Finally, it is ready to serve! You will get the most pleasant taste of Cajun seasoning in red snapper.

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The Best Way to Buy and Cook Crab Meat

Do you like to eat crab? As one of seafood, the crab has unique sensation to taste. You can get little bit sweet taste in crab meat. That is why you can grab the crab meat with salads, soups, dips and seasoning or even grab it alone. Moreover, you can also easily find it as fresh meat or frozen meat from crab meat supplier. As the result, you can easily cook crab meat in many ways.

3 Best Ways to Cook Crab Meat

As mentioned before, you can easily find the crab meat in crab meat supplier whether for fresh or frozen one. So, here are the best tips for cooking delicious crab meat:

  • Fried Crab Meat

If you need crispy food, so you can fry the crab meat. Just prepare some ingredients which will give more taste on it. You can prepare the soft-shell crabs, large eggs, evaporated milk, vegetable oil, seasoned salt, and flour. For the first step, you need to heat the pan while mixing together with egg, milk and ¼ cup of water. Secondly, rinse the crabs and let it dry. You need to sprinkle the crab meat salt. Thirdly, dip the crab meat into the mixed water that prepared before and put it into the flour. You can do this step into two times. For the last, fry the crab meat for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, fried crab meat is ready to serve with sauce and mayonnaise.

  • Boiled Crab Meat

If you prefer boiled food than fried food, so you can boil the crab meat. However, it is not too easy to boil the crab meat. You need a big pot to cook with a pair of tongs. Then, you have also prepared the seasonings and sea salt. To boil the crab, you need to fill the pot for 2/3 of water and then put salt in. After that, you can add the whole crab into the boiled water carefully. You need to make sure that all the crabs’ part is all covered. Just let it boil for approximately 20 minutes until it gets red. Then, it’s done! You can crack it and take the soft meat with delicious sauce.

  • Baked Crab Meat

If you are in hurry, bake the crab meat is the most perfect solution. You only need some ingredients to put it. Butter, egg whites, mustard, onion and parmesan cheese are ingredients that must be prepared. For the crab meat, you can choose the fresh or frozen crab from crab meat supplier. For the first thing to do, you need to chop the onion into some pieces and then stir the egg whites. Second, you need to unfrozen the crab if you use the frozen crab product. Meanwhile, you need to crack the shield first and take the meat only for the fresh crab. Third, just put all the ingredients and crab meat into the baking dish. Let it bake for 30 minutes at 350. Finally, the deliciously baked crab meat is ready to serve with crackers.

How to Choose the Best Quality of Crab Meat

Actually, you can easily find the frozen crab. It is ready to cook since you do not need to crack the shield first. However, buy the fresh one is also a good way. There must be some ways that must be highlighted to buy the crab meat from the supplier.

For the first, you need to check its color. The most healthy and good crab is one that has a bright color with a shiny surface. Then, you can also check on its underside. For the fresh or new crab usually has flat underside with blue color. In contrast, the crab which has yellow underside has more yellowish and shaped like a six-pack. After that, it is also important to choose where you buy the crab is. You need to get the most recommended and credible crab meat supplier so that you will get the good crab. You need to make sure that all the crab that are sold at the supplier are in good condition. That is why buying fresh meat is more challenging than the frozen one since you can check the fresh or the old one. After you got the crab, make sure that you cook it right after.

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