Let’s Cook the Most Delicious Red Snapper Fish

Do you like to eat fish? It must be a good habit. All fishes are good for your health since it becomes the best source for your nutrient supply. Especially red snapper fish, it contains of rich Omega-3 which is good for your health. To get the best fish, you need to buy it directly from the red snapper fish supplier. However, some places or market are also the best one to get this kind of fish. Wherever you want to buy the fish, you have to make sure that you get the fresh one.

How to Choose the Best Red Snapper Fish from Supplier

So, how do we choose the best quality red snapper fish from red snapper fish supplier? There are only two points that must be remembered. You need to:

  • Buy the Red Snapper Fish from Recommended Supplier

It will waste your energy if you get the red snapper fish from the wrong place. In that way, you need to find the most recommended supplier to buy. You can check on online recommendation then find the best one. You can find the recommendation with buyer’s testimonial so that you can check it by yourself whether that supplier is good or not.

  • Check Red Snapper Fish Condition

Besides supplier, you also need to the check on the fish condition. Although you buy it from the recommended high quality supplier, you still need to check on its condition. What is the indication that Red Snapper Fish fresh? You can start to check on the outside part. Typically, the Red Snapper Fish ha metallic, pink or bright red color skin. Moreover, it can be around 4 to 6 pound. However, if you want to buy the fillet one so it can be only half of them which is 1 ½ to 3 pounds.  After that, you can check on its eyes. If it has clear and bright eyes, so it must be the fresh one.

What is the smell of Red Snapper Fish? You will find that fish smells smelly. In fact, you need to find the fish which smells like the ocean. You can feel how the ocean is. If you find the Red Snapper Fish smells fishy, so you have to avoid it since it indicates that fish is not the fresh one. It can be the fish that has been there for a week.

Don’t forget to get the affordable price which always does not mean to be the cheapest. You cannot choose the fish based on its price. When there are cheap fish with more discount, so you have to be more skeptical. Since it can be the old stockfish.

How to Cook the Red Snapper Fish in Easy Way

If you already got the best quality and fresh red snapper fish, so it is time to cook it. You cannot let the fish stay for a longer time inside to your fridge. It is so highly recommended to cook the red snapper fish directly after you got it from market or supplier. Another reason is fish cannot stay for a longer time since it will get fishy easily. That is why it is important to get the fresh red snapper fish right after buying from red snapper fish supplier.

So, how is the way to cook the red snapper fish in an easy way? For the best recommendation, you can get baked red snapper with herbs and garlic. It is kind of combination of garlic, bread crumbs which have been seasoned, butter and also parmesan cheese. For the first way, heat the oven at 400 F then just place the red snapper fish on a baking dish. Don’t forget to spray the dish with butter-flavored cooking spray which will not let the dish sticky.

On the other skillet, you can saute the garlic with melt butter. Then, mix it with pepper, parsley Creole seasoning, sauce, and also chives. Don’t overcook it, just let it for 2 minutes to cook. After that, you can brush both side of fish with the herbs and butter mixture. On the other side, you can toss the bread crumbs with parmesan cheese and butter with sprinkling some salts. When the fish is done in the oven, then it is ready to serve.

For the additional tips, you can use a fork if you cannot check the fish. Just insert the fork into the fillet to check its doneness. Then, you can also put some additional ingredients as you want. Is it easy, isn’t it? After getting the best fish from the red snapper fish supplier, you need to check its rich taste directly right after. If you cannot find the fish fillet, so you can try to take the bones out. Just make it boneless to make it easier to cook and mix with bread.