A message from our founder Craig Carton


Thank you for showing an interest in TicTocStop and possibly joining our team in our fight against Tourette Syndrome.

In the nearly four years since we started TicTocStop we have experienced the very best in people, by way of amazing volunteers, charitable donors, and willing participants in our research, awareness campaigns and our Camp.  Sadly we have also witnessed disappointments in scientific research towards finding a cause and a cure for the neurological disorder that I, and two of my children, suffer from.

Suffer, is probably too strong a word, as we are blessed that our Tourette Syndrome symptoms are largely manageable.

The reality is that there are 1 in 100 kids with Tourette and yet there is not a single medicine on the planet whose specific use is intended for kids with Tourette.

We, along with several others world wide, set out to find a non Pharma solution to the tics and twitches that are the hallmark of Tourette. I am very proud to say that the near half a million dollar study into the efficacy of a patent pending mouth guard that we created to reduce tics, at The University of Tennessee Dental School, has produced very promising results.  These results have given legitimacy to a non-invasive non-pharmaceutical treatment option.   We are proud to provide a light at the end of the tunnel for families affected by Tourette Syndrome.

The study, which we funded 100%, is under FDA review and while we keep our fingers crossed each night before we go to bed that the FDA will approve what we call The Tic Guard, our research shows it has benefits for those who use it.

We expect to hear official word from The FDA by September of this year.

2017 also marks the 4th Annual Camp Carton one-week sleep away camp experience.  What started out as an idea to give local kids a chance to go to sleep away camp has more than doubled enrollment, spawned teen weekends, reunions and amazing and long lasting friendships amongst the campers and counselor's alike.

For all the 60 participants, TicTocStop underwrites and absorbs 100% of the cost of Camp Carton. We have never asked for a nickel from a camper’s family to attend.

As TicTocStop continues to grow I ask that you consider being a part of our amazing family by volunteering, contributing, and helping us spread the word.

This year our 3rd Annual Gala Event is at NY Yankees Stadium on November 9th.  There are still a few sponsorship opportunities available if you were considering how to financially support us while enjoying a great night.

As always, I remain humbled by the kindness of strangers and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  I hope to be able to count you as a part of our expanding family very soon.


Craig Carton